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Ade Iva Putra’s values

Professionalism: Having high integrity and adherence to professional ethical standards in providing legal advice to clients;

Integrity: Upholding high ethical and moral standards in providing legal advice, as well as maintaining client trust by acting honestly and fairly;

Empathy: Having the ability to understand and absorb clients’ needs and concerns, as well as providing emotional support;

Confidentiality: Respect and maintain the confidentiality of client information, and carry out legal responsibilities for this confidentiality.

5 Years Of Experience​

In these five years, Ade Iva Putra has not only grown as an experienced legal professional, but has also become a reliable figure

Defining Success​

Success is not only measured by individual achievements, but also by the positive impact produced in providing quality and ethical legal services.

Our Practice Areas​

Business and Corporate Law

Handling legal issues related to company formation, business agreements, corporate restructuring, and corporate legal compliance.

Contract Law

Providing services in drafting, negotiating and concluding contracts for the benefit of clients from various industry sectors.

Property and Real Estate Law

Handling sale and purchase transactions, drafting rental contracts, and resolving property and real estate disputes.

Employment Law​​

Providing legal advice regarding employment relations, employment agreements, and employment dispute resolution.

Financial and Investment Law

Providing legal services related to financial licensing, investment, and regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

Information Technology and Privacy Law

Addressing legal issues related to information technology, data security and privacy in cyberspace.

Civil Law and Dispute Resolution

Handling civil disputes, arbitration, and mediation to achieve fair and effective resolution.

Professional And Experienced Law Attorney​

Why Choose Ade Iva Putra


Ade Iva Putra has proven expertise and experience in handling various legal cases. With five years of experience, he has built a solid portfolio in a variety of legal practice areas.​

Integrity and Professional Ethics

Ade Iva Putra is known for upholding professional integrity and ethics. Honesty and obedience to the legal code of ethics are the main foundations in providing legal services.

Personal Services

Ade Iva Putra provides personal legal services and focuses on clients’ specific needs. This approach creates a close and trusting relationship between legal advisors and clients.





Professional And Experienced Law Attorney​

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