Business and Corporate Law

Handling legal issues related to company formation, business agreements, corporate restructuring, and corporate legal compliance.

Contract Law

Providing services in drafting, negotiating and concluding contracts for the benefit of clients from various industry sectors.

Property and Real Estate Law​​

Handling sale and purchase transactions, drafting rental contracts, and resolving property and real estate disputes.

Employment Law​​

​​Providing legal advice regarding employment relations, employment agreements, and employment dispute resolution.

Financial and Investment Law

Providing legal services related to financial licensing, investment, and regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

Information Technology and Privacy Law

Addressing legal issues related to information technology, data security and privacy in cyberspace.

​Civil Law and Dispute Resolution​​​

Handling civil disputes, arbitration, and mediation to achieve fair and effective resolution.


​Environmental Law​​​

Provides legal advice regarding environmental permits, waste handling, and environmental regulatory compliance.

Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law

Provides services in bankruptcy cases, debt restructuring, and resolution of clients’ financial problems.

Family and Inheritance Law

Handling legal issues related to divorce, child custody, inheritance planning, and inheritance administration.

Criminal Law​

Providing legal services in the criminal field, including defending clients in criminal cases, providing legal advice regarding the investigation process, and ensuring compliance with applicable criminal laws.